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With the continuous development of guangzhou

More and more friends began to pay attention to those things in guangzhou

Who can enter the house

How can ability enter a door

What is the process of entry


These problems are troubling many friends

(I think I didn't even know what points were before I joined the John bond education.)


Today xiaobian will answer these questions in detail for you

Guangzhou through train

First of all, you need to understand: why to enter guangzhou? What advantage does entering guangzhou have after all? The following small time for you to analyze, guangzhou hukou can give you what concessions and convenience!

This also is to come one of the main reasons that peng city personnel chooses household guangzhou. With a registered permanent residence in guangzhou, children can go to public schools in guangzhou, saving high sponsorship fees and not having to worry about their children going to school. (if you choose to apply for a local university in guangzhou, the score will be lower!)

Those who live in guangzhou should know that those who are not registered residents of guangzhou can only buy one set of social security for three consecutive years (limited to one set). But had guangzhou registered permanent residence, need not buy social security to be able to buy 2, still can apply for economy to apply for room ~

Guangzhou is dealt with register shake number or pat number need to accord with the following condition at the same time: applicant must be local census register or in guangzhou successive pay two years above (do not contain fill capture) medical treatment is sure.

Guangzhou citizens enjoy all social insurance and medical insurance, maternity insurance and unit housing provident fund and other related benefits. Guangzhou registered permanent residence of the elderly, after retirement can handle the elderly card to enjoy numerous benefits. Take a bus in guangzhou is free of charge.

The child that has guangzhou registered permanent residence does not enter a garden or enter a school, also can go at any time deal with children insurance, but the child that is not guangzhou registered permanent residence is dealt with children insurance to must pass nursery school or the school is unified deal with. If you miss the unified processing time, you can only wait for the next year.

Although be not all enterprises have a requirement now, but some units are to need to have guangzhou registered permanent residence ability to be able to attend an exam. Many positions in the civil service examination require a guangzhou hukou.

Of course, welfare is not only these, still have birth, handle card, respect for the aged...

Secondly, we need to know: what does it take to enter guangzhou? What is the operating process? Read on and you'll see

Basic law of household registration

1. Be under the age of 22-45.

2. There are legal domicile in this city, including self-owned house, unit residence and legal lease, etc.

3. To hold the valid "guangdong resident certificate" of this city, one must hold the residence certificate within the valid period.

4. It conforms to the family planning policy and has no criminal record.

5. Obtain employment or start a business in this city and pay social insurance (endowment, work-related injury, maternity, unemployment and medical insurance) normally.

There are three main ways to enter guangzhou: points into the door, talent introduction - education, talent introduction - skills into the door. See you accord with which to enter door way at once!

Integral household

A. conform to the family planning policy

B. holder of valid guangdong province residence permit

C. legal residence (including renting) in guangzhou

D. above junior high school education

E. age 20-45 years old

F. have been legally employed or started a business in this city and have paid social insurance for at least 4 years

G. no criminal record

H. Accumulated 60 points

Common problems with household registration in guangzhou

1. Can my child and spouse move with me?

Answer: 1) child: below 18 years old cannot handle independently. Your child, as long as not over 16 years old, can directly with the move. (if you are over 16 and under 19, but still in high school, you can also move). If the child and you are in the same household, you can move here directly. If you are not in a household, you can move here by yourself first, and then move the children.

2) spouse: married for two years, working in guangzhou with social security, can directly move here or take refuge.

2, where to write down the address?

Answer: if you have bought commercial housing in guangzhou, you can directly settle down in the house you bought; If not to buy a house, you can also look at relatives and friends, if relatives and friends have guangzhou hukou and have a house in guangzhou, you can temporarily set up a household; If the above two are not available, we can handle the collective account for you as a transition.

3, settled or build a child can go to school?

A: yes, children can go to school in guangzhou. Generally speaking, if it is in their own property, the children can go to school in the area; If it is to take a door, by guangzhou education branch as a whole allocation degree.

4. In what ways can it be handled?

Answer: at present, there are the following ways: 1) fresh graduates directly settled in guangzhou after graduation; 2) settle down in guangzhou by introducing professional talents; 3) settle down in guangzhou by points, but the quota is limited every year; 4) special talents and other special access indicators.

Therefore, those who want to apply for points should know whether their points have reached 100 points. Check ahead of time oneself social security pays cost circumstance and habitant card whether still be in period of validity!

Get moving! Want to know what you have met and what needs to be improved? These you can know!

Guangzhou household through train is the household service brand of guangzhou hanbang education, guangzhou household through train mainly provides customers with a series of household service, such as household qualification assessment, scheme design, service guidance, agency and so on.随着广州的不断发展






(我想在我接受约翰·邦德(John bond)教育之前,我甚至不知道分数是多少。)














1. 年龄在22-45岁以下。

2. 本市有法定住所,包括自有房屋、单位住宅和合法租赁等。


4. 符合计划生育政策,无犯罪记录。

5. 在本市就业创业,正常缴纳社会保险(养老、工伤、生育、失业、医疗保险)。







E. 20-45岁





1. 我的孩子和配偶能和我一起搬家吗?